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  1. charligardiner said: I’m not really anybody but the view of you i have is that you don’t really care what people think of you,Your impact on the world speaks for itself. People will not always like what you have to say but life has never been about pleasing everyone else
  2. arielleannmary said: it’s easy to be loud on the internet. it’s much more difficult to exercise restraint. props.
  3. somaroy said: And it shouldn’t. It’s going to be a lot more exciting to see that one hour of TV on Hulu whenever it gets picked up as opposed to reading it. Also, I just watched this specific scene of Garden State for research (Garden-Stating - it might be a thing).
  4. azonehole said: Shit happens. There are a lot more people here now which is both good and bad. It tends to magnify things (both good and bad). Write what you feel, post what you want to post. I miss the Natalie Portman stuff FWIW.
  5. halfdope said: Ive followed you since the boner party days and while I have a great nostalgia for that, a lot of this newer stuff seems more important/worth writing about. idk.