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  1. everydayepiphanies answered: shh.. shh.. don’t worry, jenny. it’s me casper.
  2. lamloma32 answered: No not really you have to express your feelings even if they didn’t like it but try to avoid hurtful and hateful things :)
  3. editorialtrymar answered: no
  4. creeperstatus said: Clearly they’re telling you to stick to non-controversial material like gun control.
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  6. littlegoldseoul answered: Yes. Only cats. All cats, all the time.
  7. squarescape answered: I respect Tumblr’s attempt to protect minors/non-consenting individuals but it’s your blog. If your offending someone you’re doing it right.
  8. parad0xchild answered: I’d never say that, some people are too sensitive, and some people are going to be affected by things more because of their life experiences.
  9. xntrek answered: Umn, no … I only follow blogs that are offensive … otherwise, what’s the point?
  10. theskygetsnearer answered: That’s not a dick, it’s clearly an elephant’s head. That baby should be allowed to draw whatever it wants on its face.
  11. theklr answered: Yep. The internet is all about self-suppression…
  12. fredoindallas answered: Always be offensive. Always.
  13. lovethywords said: It was a baby, that was the big issue and an understandable one. People can post picture of babies with dicks on them if they please, on a blog/website that allows them or one that they actually own.
  14. led-zeppelinism answered: With great progress comes some pissed off assholes. Tumbl on.
  15. bedtimerevolt answered: Ned! The issue was that it involved a baby, a minor. That was the problem that Tumblr support had with the post.
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  17. whyislifesofuckedup answered: noope
  18. jamesbedell said: Lets remember this all started with a dick drawn on a baby, not exactly Thomas Paine material.
  19. ifindyourlackofwispasdisturbing answered: No, only pictures of cats.
  20. ohhelloholly answered: that’s what some seem to think. amazing the need for conformity. pathetic, actually.
  21. japanesemetal answered: yes
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  23. someofmybestfriends answered: this post offends me and i will petition tumblr to have it removed
  24. blushes- answered: If that happened, no one would ever write anything anymore… for fear of being offensive.
  25. mjmoss answered: There goes my blog about gun toting Islamic homosexuals that refuse to wear seat belts.
  26. ddaniell said: Tumblr has an opinion problem.
  27. lightinwinter answered: Don’t listen to ‘em…if we never wrote anything anyone else would find offensive, nothing would be on here. Except maybe some cats.
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