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  1. jennifermorris said: wankagraph! love it
  2. 15minutesoffame said: I thought it was funny… But I hate babies. Lol. For real, there are much worse things to see on Tumblr. Get a grip, people.
  3. bedtimerevolt said: You seem really, really upset about this (and I don’t even say that as a veiled “U MAD”). dustynine isn’t the one who removed the post. All that vitriol seems a little misguided.
  4. tsexrex said: somehow it would have been fine if it was a dick with a baby’s face drawn on it
  5. heymikewaskom said: But these posts are OK…
  6. bringtheruckuss said: what a chode.
  7. nedhepburn posted this